The Xanthine Found in Tea that is Prescribed for Asthma is Called Robusta

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The Xanthine Found in Tea that is Prescribed for Asthma is Called Robusta.

Do you know the xanthine found in tea that is prescribed for asthma is called robusta? Xanthine is a purine base widely distributed in the human body’s organs and body fluids, and other organisms.

Common mild stimulants such as caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine (mostly found in chocolate ) are derived from xanthines.

Xanthine is also a product of purine metabolism and converted to uric acid under xanthine oxidase. Sometimes excessive accumulation can cause gout symptoms in some people.

Xanthines are purine derivatives and are rarely found in the components of nucleic acids.

What is prescribed to asthma sufferers?

What is prescribed to asthma sufferers

Bronchial asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airway. It recommends using the inhalation route as much as possible.

Because the drug directly acts on the target organ after inhalation, and the required drug dose is small.

Besides, the local drug concentration in the respiratory tract is higher than that after oral or intravenous administration. It has the advantages of rapid onset, strong action, and small systemic adverse reactions.

However, the efficacy of the inhalation route is closely related to the performance of the inhalation device and the correct use of asthma patients.

Research results show that doctors do not instruct asthma patients to read the instructions and then take medicine.

Nearly half of the patients cannot use the inhalation device correctly. After repeated 3-4 times of guidance and training, 90% of asthma patients can correctly master the use of inhalation devices.

Therefore, the prescribing doctor should repeatedly instruct and check the patient’s method of using the inhalation device.

Otherwise, like the asthma patient above, it will waste medicine and delay the control of asthma.

Which beverage has the highest caffeine content per serving Quizlet?

Which beverage has the highest caffeine content per serving Quizlet

Which beverage has the highest caffeine content per serving Quizlet

Caffeine is a natural stimulant. It exists in more than 60 plants and is very popular all over the world. The coffee, chocolate, and tea we often drink contain caffeine.

It should be clear that the caffeine content in beverages varies with the ingredients and preparation methods.

  • Red Bull: Red Bull Energy Drink, also known as Red Bull Vitamin Functional Drink, contains a variety of nutrients and caffeine, so it is often used as a refreshing or even fitness drink.
  •  Coke: Cola (Cola) refers to a sweet, caffeine-containing carbonated beverage with caffeine but no alcohol. The main flavors of cola include vanilla, cinnamon, lemon flavor, etc. The name comes from one of the early materials of cola: cola fruit extract.
  •  Coffee: Every 100 grams of coffee beans contains 1.3 grams of caffeine. A moderate amount of caffeine can also reduce muscle fatigue and promote the secretion of digestive juices. Because it promotes kidney function, has a diuretic effect, and helps the body excrete excess sodium ions. But excessive intake can cause caffeine poisoning.
  •  Tea: The new tea contains more caffeine, active alkaloids, and a variety of aromatic substances. These substances can also excite the human central nervous system. Patients with neurasthenia and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should drink them in moderation. They also should not drink on an empty stomach.
  • Milk tea: The average content of caffeine in a cup of milk tea is 270mg, and the highest content is 428mg, which is approximately equal to 4 cups of coffee.

What is the strongest inhaler for asthma?

Many asthma medicines inhale through an inhaler, allowing the medicine to reach the lungs directly.

In order to achieve the best results, the correct use of the inhaler is very important. Using asthma medications correctly can improve symptoms and reduce attacks.

Many people do not use their inhalation devices properly. This means that the drug cannot be delivered to the lungs properly, so asthma may not be as well controlled as it should be.

According to patients, they often have more than one type of inhaler, which causes their use of trouble.

We want to know whether educating asthma patients to use inhalers is effective. And whether it will improve their symptoms and reduce asthma attacks.

This may seem obvious, but it is important that doctors and nurses know how to help patients with asthma is best.

What is the best asthma preventer?

What is the best asthma preventer?

What is the best asthma preventer

Asthma attacks can be prevented. When a child suffers from asthma, the airway is sensitive. In other words, compared with people who do not have asthma, the airway is more likely to react to certain substances in the environment.

When exposed to these factors, Can induce asthma attacks.

The purpose of treatment is to prevent attacks. The onset of asthma occurs suddenly, but the inflammation of the small airways persists for a long time. Therefore, long-term anti-allergic treatment is required.

Parents must understand that even if the child’s asthma attack is under control, and there are no wheezing symptoms (remission period).

It is still necessary to insist on taking preventive drugs every day. It is best to use aerosol inhalation such as becodone or Pulmicort. Inhalation of the above drugs will not cause any side effects.

Whether asthma can be fundamentally controlled, the key lies in whether it can effectively prevent asthma attacks.

What is the best antibiotic for asthma?

What is the best antibiotic for asthma?

What is the best antibiotic for asthma

Asthma is a common long-term respiratory disease that affects adults and children all over the world. Patients may experience short-term worsening symptoms, commonly referred to as acute exacerbations (or asthma attacks).

Acute exacerbations are usually treated by increasing a person’s medication (for example, giving steroid pills for a few days).

Sometimes, acute exacerbations can cause infections such as viruses. Occasionally, bacterial infections of the lungs or respiratory tract may cause the disease to worsen.

Symptoms of bacterial infection include wheezing in the chest, fever, and coughing up large amounts of colorless sputum. Bacterial infections diagnose by laboratory tests, such as blood tests.

However, these are not always available in primary care (at a general practitioner). Bacterial infections may need to be treated with antibiotics.

In general, we have low confidence in the evidence presented in this review. We think it may be that some studies on antibiotic treatment of asthma exacerbation carried out.

Because we found that most studies only recruited people from hospitals and emergency rooms.

Besides, two studies are very old, and asthma treatment has changed a lot in the past 30 years. In some cases, we cannot judge that antibiotics are better or worse than no antibiotics or have the same effect.

Finally, we have some concerns about the method of research. For example, in a study, both patients and researchers know who is taking antibiotics and who is not. This may affect the behavior of patients or staff.

What foods are bad for asthma?

Oil crops such as peanuts, sesame seeds, and cotton seeds

It is mainly related to the higher protein content of this kind of food, especially raw food, which is more likely to induce allergic asthma.

However, studies shown that these foods rarely induce allergic symptoms after being processed into oil products.

 Wheat and cereals rarely induce food-allergic asthma

According to foreign reports, bakers who frequently come into contact with this type of food have a higher incidence of asthma, also known as bakers’ asthma.

It may be because the patient often comes into contact with flour. Especially the flour that has been stored for a long time. Therefore, flour is not easy to store for too long.

 Milk and milk products

The incidence of allergic asthma in children caused by milk is the highest. Milk contains A and B lactalbumin and casein. Other components, of which A lactalbumin is the strongest allergen of all milk components.

It is still a strong allergen for people with high milk allergy, which can induce asthma attacks.

Therefore, for infants and young children who need milk feeding. Breastfeeding should actively advocated for reducing the chance of allergic asthma caused by milk feeding.

 Seafood and aquatic products

The allergens of these foods are usually heat resistant. Their cooked foods often induce allergic asthma. Especially eating stale seafood can significantly increase the incidence of allergic asthma.

Therefore, all kinds of seafood and aquatic products such as fish, shrimps, crabs, clams, and shellfish should provide for human consumption when they are fresh.


There are many cases of allergic diseases induced by eggs, and a small part of them is allergic asthma. Experts pointed out that if you only eat egg yolk without egg white.

You may reduce the incidence of asthma. This is because the egg protein in the egg white is the main allergen inducing allergies. The egg yolk does not contain egg protein. So it rarely causes allergic symptoms happened.


Soybeans, mung beans, red beans, black beans, kidney beans, green beans, and other legumes can also induce allergic asthma symptoms. And which are also related to the higher protein content of beans.

Video: Bad Foods for Your Lungs

So it should fully heat-processed before consumption.


Hopefully, you can easily find out all your unknown matters about Asthma by reading this article. Also, you know the xanthine found in tea that is prescribed for asthma is called robusta.

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