How to get straight teeth in 2 weeks

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How to get straight teeth in 2 weeks at home

Every human in this world isn’t blessed with a perfect smile. So if you have crooked teeth and trying to find a way to fix this situation, this article will help you the most!

Dentists are often asked about the quickest way to fix crooked teeth by their patient. Well, you will find this question all over the internet as well because people are always looking for the quickest way to fix this condition.

So if you want to know how to get straight teeth in 2 weeks, this article will guide you to that path. Keep on reading to get all the juicy details!

How to get straight teeth in 2 weeks at home

The fastest and most reliable way to get straight teeth is to get braces. But this method is quite expensive and comes with proper maintenance.

Therefore, people always seek a legit method that can give them braces-like results but at home. But can you really straighten your teeth without braces? Is that even possible or just a tall tale?

Well, it is possible, and you don’t have to go through any hectic routine or DIY projects. You can simply do some exercises with your tongue to get the desired results.

Braces work by putting a certain amount of pressure on your crooked teeth to make them aligned. Therefore, your teeth get to a better position and start looking perfect.

So you can apply the same method to fix your tooth. You have to put pressure on your crooked tooth with your tongue. For better results, apply pressure on each tooth separately for a certain amount of time.

How to get straight teeth in 2 weeks at home

You can also try this method using your fingers. But make sure that you are applying the same amount of pressure on each tooth for the exact quantity of time.

If you keep doing this routine religiously, your teeth will get straight just in 2 weeks! However, you need to work with patience and determination if you want to get the best result.

Furthermore, you have to be careful while applying this home remedy because it may lead to dangerous accidents like weak teeth, chipped teeth, or bleeding gum.

So how do you avoid these types of accidents?

You can use dental floss to tie your teeth and then put pressure on them constantly with ease for better consequences. Moreover, dental experts say that flossing your teeth helps you to fix any crooked teeth condition.

Hopefully, you’ve got your details of how to get straight teeth in 2 weeks. Now let’s talk about some other options that you have available besides this home remedy.

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What is the fastest way to straighten teeth?

What is the fastest way to straighten teeth

What is the fastest way to straighten teeth

Some people are always looking for the fastest way to straighten teeth. But the answer to this question is quite tricky.

Teeth alignment is not an overnight task. There are many factors related to this treatment, and a dentist has to examine those facts very cautiously.

As every mouth is unique, the professionals have to apply different strategies to each patient.

If an orthodontist is about to perform teeth straightening treatment on you, a thorough check-up of your dental condition is necessary. Then the professional will take the compulsory measurements to proceed further.

So, there will be no overnight miracle when it is about fixing your crooked teeth. But some treatments are faster than the other, and we are going to talk about them now.

Some popular teeth alignment treatments are:


If you get braces, it can take five months to a few years to fix your teeth, depending on the individual’s condition.


This treatment is most popular among adults. You can remove this dental frame whenever you want, unlike traditional braces. A professional will measure your teeth alignment, and then a customized Invisalign will be made for you.

You need to monitor your dental condition for check-ups regularly, and a new Invisalign will be made according to your recent dental alignment. This process will be repeated until you get your perfect smile.

However, this method is quite costly, and it may take up to 12 months to fix your crooked teeth. This time frame may vary from person to person.

Accelerated orthodontics

The Accelerated orthodontics is a combination of traditional metal braces and some advanced methods to make your teeth-fixing process faster than ever. There are many options available for this treatment, such as AcceleDent.

AcceleDent is a device used for applying even pressure on your teeth to stimulate bone regeneration. It is FDA-approved and can be used at home. But you need to consult a professional before using this.

So as you can see, Accelerated orthodontics is the fastest method that can fix your crooked teeth. However, if you want to choose a budget-friendly option, you can always go for metal braces!

Can I straighten my teeth myself?

Can I straighten my teeth myself

Can I straighten my teeth myself

Yes, you can try the home remedy to straighten your teeth mentioned in this article. However, you have to be careful while practicing this method to prevent any unpleasant injuries.

To be honest, a home remedy can fix your crooked tooth if there is only one or a few needed to be fixed. But before you start doing this process, you should get a professional’s advice for a better experience.

What is the cheapest way to straighten my teeth?

Trying the home remedy mentioned above is the cheapest way to straighten your teeth, to be honest! But if you’ve severe teeth alignment issues, home therapy is not going to be enough!

If you ask for my opinion, I would say that braces are the cheapest way to fix your crooked teeth. It may take time to fix your condition, but you will get the best outcome if you wait a little longer!

Final Verdict

If you have been suffering from teeth alignment issues and getting frustrated, how to get straight teeth in 2 weeks might be a cry for help from you!

In this article, I have given you instructions on the most popular therapy to fix your crooked teeth at home. Hopefully, now you try this home remedy to get the best result and a perfect smile!

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