Walgreens Bronchial Asthma Relief

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Walgreens Bronchial Asthma Relief

Do you know that there are nearly 25 million asthma patients just in the USA? Hospital emergencies treat patients with severe asthma attacks at least 1.8 billion times a year. And the scariest part is a chronic disease that will never go away!

But some effective ways will help you to keep this disease in control. You can use medicines and a healthy lifestyle for better asthma management.

If your disease is in control, you will get better with regular medicines, which are widely available. Let’s talk about Walgreens bronchial asthma relief to let you know where you can quickly buy your drugs.

An Overview of Asthma Attacks and the Treatments

Walgreens Bronchial Asthma Relief

An Overview of Asthma Attacks and the Treatments

When the symptoms of asthma get much worse, it’s called the “Asthma Attacks.” These symptoms may include,

  • Shortness of breath
  • Tightness in the chest
  • Having frequented coughing fits
  • Excessive wheezing or making whistling sounds while breathing

If all of these symptoms are happening at once, you will need emergency treatments. An effective asthma treatment consists of three steps.

  1. Quick Relief
  2. Long-term Treatment
  3. Avoiding Asthma Triggers

Quick Relief

Asthma patients are prescribing quick-inhalers for instant relief. This medication will prevent the condition from getting worse.

Long-term Treatment

These are the medicines an asthma patient has to take every day. Doctors usually suggest regular medication for each patient considering their condition to reduce airways’ symptoms and inflammation.

Avoiding Asthma Triggers

Many asthma activators trigger these attacks, such as dust, pollen, cold weather, or pet hair. So if you want to avoid frequent attacks, make sure you ignore the factors that may worsen your health condition.

What Over the Counter Medicine is Good for Asthma?

What Over the Counter Medicine is Good for Asthma

What Over the Counter Medicine is Good for Asthma?

For people who have Mild asthma and get fewer attacks, over the counter (OTC) medication is sufficient for them. But patients need to be careful about keeping their asthma condition on the watch to have a better idea about their disease.

Here are some effective over the counter medicines that will help you with better asthma management.

Primatene Mist HFA

The Primatene Mist HFA is the only non-prescription inhaler that is approved by the FDA. However, it is suitable only for 12-year people or older.

Asthma patients inhale this liquid form of epinephrine through their mouth to get relief. This medicine opens and relaxes the airways so they can breathe better.

But before you start using this inhaler, you need to ask the doctor if it’s okay for you to use this.


This is another OTC that is widely available out there and effective for treating mild asthma. This medication’s active component is racepinephrine, and it can reduce some common symptoms of asthma, such as shortness of breath, wheezing, and tightness in the chest.

Though this medicine is available without a prescription, it is not safe for everyone. People with a heart condition, pregnancy, diabetes, or thyroid issues should go for this one.

Moreover, if you are taking an anti-depressant, this medicine is threatening for you.

Bronchial Asthma Relief

This medication is a dynamic combination of ephedrine and guaifenesin that helps you eliminate mucus by thinning them. It will be easier for you to cough the mucus out and breathe better if you take this.

And yes, as this is an OTC medication, you can go for Walgreens Bronchial Asthma Relief.

However, even to OTC medications are FDA approved, you need to ask your doctor if those medicines are compatible with your condition.

Here are some risk factors that come with OTC medicines that you should know before using them.

Risk Factors of Taking OTC Medication

Every OTC medicine is a quick-relief from asthma symptoms; it will not make your condition better in the long run. And so doctors are against this treatment as it can be injurious to health.

If you are not going through a proper treatment for asthma management, your condition will keep getting severe. Therefore, OTC medications are great for emergencies but not going help to control asthma all the time.

Can You Still Buy Primatene Tablets?

Can You Still Buy Primatene Tablets

Can You Still Buy Primatene Tablets

You may have already noticed that Primatene tablets are not available on the pharmacy shelves. But don’t worry; you can still buy this over the counter medication. You just need to ask for it at the pharmacy, and the seller will give it to you.

Moreover, you will not need any prescription as usual. So everything remains just the same.

How Many Times Can I Use My Blue Inhaler?

If an asthma attack is happening, first, you need to sit straight up. Then take your blue inhaler and take a puff after every 30-60 seconds. You can take up to ten puffs to reduce the severity of an asthma attack.

After taking a puff of your blue inhaler, you can retake it in 15 minutes, and it would be better if you call for emergency help.

How Can I Open My Lungs without an Inhaler?

Some methods can help you open your lungs without an inhaler. You can try these home remedies for better asthma management.

How to Open the Lungs without an Inhaler

Steam Therapy

Steam inhalation is one of the most common and effective ways to clear your airways. Inhaling water vapor will help you to drain mucus and open your lungs.

Asthma always becomes worse in the presence of cold air as it drys outs the mucus. Hot water steam helps to thin the mucus and have a sigh of relief.

Controlled Coughing

You can Try Controlled coughing to open your lungs. Here are the steps that you can follow:

  • Sit down on a chair
  • Relax your shoulder and keep your feet on a flat surface
  • Slowly inhale through your nostrils.
  • Slowly exhale while leaning forward while pushing the arms against your stomach.
  • Keep your mouth slightly open and cough 2-3 times.
  • Repeat the process

Green Tea

Green Tea comes with tons of antioxidants that help you to keep your lungs clear. It can also protect your lung tissues from any other harm that you inhale on a daily basis.

You can also try other anti-inflammation food such as blueberry, turmeric, leafy greens, walnuts, olives, and beans for a better experience.

Final Verdict

If you were looking for Walgreens bronchial asthma relief, hopefully, this article has answered your question.

Just remember that the best treatment of asthma is to take the medication religiously and follow your doctor’s instructions. In this way, you can live a healthy life and reduce the severity of asthma.

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