How to Use a Cane with Back Pain

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How to Use a Cane with Back Pain

A cane is a useful support to help walk, especially in cases of rheumatic pain in the hip and/or knee. Indeed, walking with a cane allows you to support your weight to avoid painful support.

But it also ensures your balance by limiting the risk of falling. If you wear waist protection, you may not feel so painful temporarily when you move. And walking with crutches may also make you feel no pain when walking.

When walking, always hold the cane on the side with the most strength. If you have arthritis in one hip, you should hold the cane on the opposite side, which will reduce the pressure on the sore hip. Always advance the cane and the opposite (weak) leg at the same time.

Does a cane help with back pain?

Does a cane help with back pain

Yes, a cane help with back pain.

But what if there is no waist support or crutches? The fact is that after a while, the pain will return. Why is this?

Because the use of waist support or crutches is “just an emergency method to prevent the pain from appearing for the time being.” But it is not “the fundamental way to completely solve low back pain.

However, Can the back pain be temporarily eliminated? Actually, “It doesn’t matter if it is temporary, as long as it makes me less painful.

” Some people may think so, but continuing to rely on waist support or crutches may worsen your low back pain.

When you go up a staircase, bring the strong leg up on the first step. Then bring the cane and the opposite leg forward at the same time on the same step.

As you descend a staircase, lower the cane and the weak leg to the first step, then bring your stronger leg to the same step.

The cane supports you like a tutor and helps you release painful tensions in the legs or back. It can thus relieve certain ailments when walking.

The blind used the white cane, not as a tutor, but as an antenna- and a signal. Watch out for the white cane!

Misused, with a deficient walking pattern, the cane can cause postural problems. In the long run, you run the risk of developing other imperfections that will follow you and limit you further.

What is the correct way to use a cane?

The cane must first be adjusted to the right height for you. Standing, you turn the cane so that the pommel touches the ground: the end of the cane should reach the height of the folds of your wrist.

For the wooden cane, cut it and replace its rubber tip. It is the same for the aluminum cane. If your rod allows it, adjust its height with the snap button system.

In winter, outside, it is possible to add a retractable ice pick. Replace worn rubber tips if your cane makes an unusual noise.

Why do you use a cane on the opposite side of the injury?

Why do you use a cane on the opposite side of the injury

The cane is always worn on the side opposite the affected leg. With each stride, she should follow the affected leg.

Suppose you are using the cane for secure gait or balance. You should wear it on the dominant side – that is, the side of the stronger leg.

An injury, an accident, a loss of autonomy, or a handicap lead you to use orthopedic equipment?

Do not hesitate to contact your family pharmacist for personalized advice and to purchase orthopedic equipment. The cane is used to alleviate a minor balance problem or facilitate the gait if one leg is slightly affected.

Here are some tips for properly adjusting a cane safely:

  • After putting on comfortable shoes, stand with your back straight, feet slightly apart, and arms relaxed on either side of your body.
  • Position the cane about 6 inches (15 centimeters) from your unimpaired foot.
  • Adjust the cane’s length so that the handle is at the same height as the crease of your wrist.
  • Ensure the cane is always at the correct height for the shoes you are wearing, and adjust it as needed.

Can using a walking stick cause back pain?

Can using a walking stick cause back pain

In the current lifestyle, sedentary is the culprit. Especially for office workers, taking the bus before work, sitting at the computer desk at getting off work, and sitting in front of the TV after work is all normal.

It can be said that sitting for a long time poses a threat to health. And its hazards are as serious as smoking or excessive exposure to sunlight.

Some studies have even shown that even if you exercise for 2 hours a day, it cannot compensate for the harm caused by sitting still for more than ten hours.

Frequent sitting in a chair leads to poor neuromuscular coordination, laager.

Also, the weakened gluteal muscles cause an imbalance in the entire human body’s back movement chain, and other muscles will perform compensatory work. This is a very serious problem.

First, it will cause the pelvis to tilt forward, which will tighten the lower back and cause pain. It will also cause the knee, hip, and shoulder joints to be too tight and cause pain.

Because the joint arrangement of other parts of the body is also out of balance.

The cane is recommended for a minor injury. It makes it possible to reduce the weight on the injured lower limb and to reduce lameness;

  • It should be used in hand opposite the injured leg;
  • For adjustment, the handle should be at the level of the wrist crease

Does using a cane help with knee pain?

Does using a cane help with knee pain

The knee joint is one of the largest joints in the human body. It not only bears most of the weight of the body but also participates in many daily activities. So it is a “very hard working and very tired” joint.

Most people just use their knee joints accumulatively but neglect to maintain them. After joint aging and various chronic inflammations occur, knee joint pain is very common in middle-aged and elderly people.

In the case of osteoarthritis of the knee or hip, the use of a cane or crutches worn on the side opposite the affected joint. While traveling can have a beneficial effect on osteoarthritis pain and in the prevention of osteoarthritis. Damage to your joints.

This remedy can be transient, during inflammatory attacks only, or continuous.

They allow a discharge of the body’s weight during the walk: the joints must support a lower weight. The constraints are less important, making it possible to prevent the worsening of the lesions and, therefore, reduce the pain following the effort.


It is very important to stay healthy in our daily life. Back pain happens to many people, and for this, you have to use a cane. Because it plays an important role in back pain

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