How can Tight Muscles Result in Back Pain

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How can Tight Muscles Result in Back Pain

Usually, back pain is caused by tension and muscle imbalance. For example, sitting for long periods reduces the iliac muscles.

The psoas major and quadriceps lumbar muscles connect the lumbar spine and the upper femur and pelvis. When these muscles contract for long periods, you may experience severe pain when you get up.

This is because the muscles stretch tightly in front of your lower back (lumbar spine). So, you should know how can tight muscles result in back pain.

If you can better balance these muscles, you will overcome many common ailments and pains. Other common causes of back pain are poor posture when misused, sitting, standing, and walking.

How can stiff and tight muscles result in back pain?How can stiff and tight muscles result in back pain?

Nowadays, more and more patients are suffering from upper limb pain due to stiffening of the back. Even affecting their sleep, they came to outpatient clinics. Most of them are young, about 20 to 40 years old.

In the process of communication, most of the friends have these symptoms. They often have the habit of using their mobile phones for a long time. Also, have the habit of working at the desk for a long time.

Prolonged use of the cervical spine will cause tension in the shoulders and back’s fascia and muscles. It will be in severe condition due to excessive fatigue. This is why the muscles in the back of many people are stiff.

When using a mobile phone or computer, many people will stretch their head and neck forward. On the other hand, their shoulders and backs will be behind.

Prolonged exposure to this type of action will result in excessive tension of the entire back muscles and fascia, usually cause small tears in the muscles and fascia.

These tears will become heavier and heavier in patients with back pain, and this will cause stiffness in the entire neck, shoulders, and back muscles.

How can Tight muscles result in back pain Quizlet?

Everyone usually sits for a very long time. These muscles will become stiff, tense, and stretch the lumbar spine. If your thighs are also in a state of tension, pull the lumbar spine to one side while extending the leg. Over time this will cause lumbar strain.

Besides, prolonged exposure does not only damage your neck, shoulder, and back muscles. However, it also changes the curve of the cervical spine. This will increase the risk of uterine disc herniation.

If you don’t just have muscle tension in your shoulders and back, it’s related to neck activities. The herniated disc most likely causes the numbness of the upper limbs.

How can stiff and tight muscles result?How can stiff and tight muscles result

Muscle stiffness refers to muscle tension, swelling, stiffness, and stiffness. Strength fatigue Muscle fatigue. It’s easy to manufacture, and it’s a significant barrier to training. So it should well stave off.

The neck muscles divide into two front and back with deep and shallow depths. Each muscle group contracts with the other. It also relaxes and plays a vital role in maintaining the stability and movement of the cervical spine.

For an extended period, the relatively small neck muscles agreement the head and neck position and posture. These long-term low-load muscle contractions can quickly induce muscle fatigue.

The smaller the muscle, the easier it is to become exhausted after constant contraction. The neck muscles are at risk of fatigue.

However, when they act as active muscles in the direction related to movement, especially the sternocleidomastoid muscles. The sternocleidomastoid muscle in the torso neck flexion exercise.

In general, the opponent’s muscle head clamp is at a higher risk of muscle fatigue.

How do you loosen tight muscles in your lower back?

The use of the cervical spine and the back of the shoulder must change. After looking at the phone or working at the desk for a while, be sure. Also, do stretching exercises on the cervical spine and shoulders, and back.

So, the muscles and fascia do not get tense for a long time. We usually offer 10 minutes of activity for one hour of work.

The apparent stiffness of the shoulder and back muscles severely affects the patient’s quality of life. However, acupuncture treatment can use. Acupuncture can relax stiff muscles and relax the shoulders and back.

Here are some tips:

If you get apparent pain points in the shoulder and back, you can try shock wave therapy.

A torn rear fascia or muscle usually forms this pain point. Sometimes press a particular pain point. There may even be numbness and pain in the neck and entire upper limbs.

In some cases, it will misunderstand as the upper limb caused by cervical spondylosis. However, numbness, but the back muscle fascia root. Such pain points are also called trigger points.

The Red Cross is the trigger point. The extent of pressure-induced pain is very similar to the symptoms caused by cervical spine problems.

For the treatment of trigger points, the shock wave effect is perfect. This wave uses the power of sound waves to repair tissues in the damaged area and control local inflammation.

The results are excellent for this chronic degenerative disease. Typically, if this is done 2 to 3 times, the patient’s pain points will be transparent shock wave therapy devices.

Need to practice self-rehabilitation. Better than asking yourself for so-called help. Below are some rehabilitation exercises to self-release muscle and fascia tension.

If you have time, you can do each movement 10-15 times, 2 ~ 3 times a day. It is better to help us loosen the fascia and muscles in the short back.

You can take manipulation therapy. Doctor’s manual treatment is also very useful in relieving muscle and fascia stiffness. Professional doctors can locate the patient’s trigger points and the tension fascia portion.

A professional massage can do enough and severe damage to relax. This will result in a significant release of the patient. Under normal circumstances, the doctor will relax at that time.

The patient will also have a substantial feeling of relaxation.


You already know how tight muscles can result in back pain. Body dryness, especially waist stretching and trapezius training, stretches exercises. It exercises the powers in the back and chest, and waist.

It can also improve flexibility. Thus, it can effectively relieve back pain and other problems. There is also the proper use of waist support. It helps to strengthen the back support and get rid of the problem of back pain.

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