How to Pull Your Own Teeth

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How to Pull Your Own Teeth

Tooth extraction is a standard medical procedure that we all go through at least once in our life. And trust me; none of us liked that experience at the dentist’s chamber!

Many reasons can compel you to undergo this procedure. Dental trauma, permanent damages, gum diseases, crowded teeth, anything can make you take this decision.

As a kid, getting our baby teeth extracted at home was quite natural. However, if you are an adult, the tooth removal process might not be as painless.

So if you plan to skip the dentist’s office and want to get rid of your damaged tooth, you might be looking for tips on how to pull your own teeth. Well, I’ve prepared this article for people like you so you can understand this process in detail.

Do you want to get all the juicy details? Follow this article to the end!

How do you extract a tooth?

How do you extract a tooth

How do you extract a tooth

If you go to a dentist for tooth extraction, they will give you one of these two choices depending on your condition.

  • Simple tooth extraction
  • Surgical procedure

If your tooth is visible in your mouth, it can be extracted relatively easily. A professional will loosen up the teeth with a tool called the elevator and then remove it with forceps.

However, if you have dental conditions such as infections or wisdom teeth, you may need surgical procedures. Your dentist will perform a surgical extraction after examining your teeth and their condition.

You can perform teeth removing procedure on a kid at home without any trouble. But as an adult, you need to be more cautious while doing this to yourself because the outcomes can be hazardous.

How do you pull a tooth at home?

How do you pull a tooth at home

How do you pull a tooth at home?

If you have loose or weak teeth, they may fall on their own. But some stubborn ones can take a little time.

However, having a loose tooth will attract all of your focus to itself! You may not concentrate on any other thing while having this situation. So if you want to get rid of this problem, here is a method you can try.

This procedure is a classic one and known as the “String and Door” method. Let me explain it to you step by step.

  • Cut a string about 1.5 feet long.
  • Tie it to the tooth you want to remove.
  • Now tie the other end of the string to an open door inside the knob.
  • Stand far enough from the door to a position as if you walk back only a step, the tooth will fall off.
  • Now tell some on to push the door! And your tooth will be pulled away from the socket just like that!

This method is very popular for removing baby teeth. However, if you want to lose your tooth because you are having some complications, never try this method! Otherwise, you may have to go through the more dangerous condition in the future!

Here are some other effective ways to pull a tooth at home:

  • You chew on hard food items with the tooth that’s already weak. Try eating apples, pears, and carrots really help in this case.
  • Brushing and flossing aggressively can do the trick sometimes.
  • Keep wiggling the loose tooth gently but continuously with your index finger. It’s the easiest way to pull a loose tooth.

You can use ice to numb the pain a little if you want and always go easy on your teeth if you want to avoid a hazardous situation.

Hopefully, you have learned a lot about how to pull your own tooth at home by now. So let me give you some more details so you can get a complete idea about this procedure.

How painful is it to pull your own tooth?

How painful is it to pull your own tooth

How painful is it to pull your own tooth?

In any circumstances, you should never pull your own tooth. This process can be extremely painful, and you may not be able to tolerate that kind of trauma.

Here are some dangerous outcomes that may happen if you pull your own tooth:

  • If you try to pull your tooth with pliers or any other tool, you may totally damage it. It will not get fixed easily and going to cost you a fortune to repair it.
  • While pulling one specific tooth, you may damage other teeth in the process as you are not a professional. Moreover, you can hurt your jawbone too!
  • If you are an adult, your tooth may hurt because of many different reasons, such as infections or tooth decay. So only tooth extraction is not going to help to treat those conditions.

No matter how many home remedies like ice-press you use at home to numb the pain, you will always feel excruciating pain while doing this.

So it would be better if you take the help of a professional to get the best experience.

How to pull your own wisdom teeth?

You may want to pull your own wisdom tooth to end the pain and suffering, but can you do it? Or is it a wise decision to do that?

An adult wisdom tooth is deeply rooted in your jaw, and it has gums, blood vessels, and nerves around it. If you try to pull it yourself, you may cause permanent damages such as deformed facial structure.

So if you don’t want to suffer anymore, please consult a dentist for your adult teeth problem. Home remedies that will work for kids are not going to be the same for adults. Therefore, you need to go to a professional for the best experience.

Final Verdict:

It’s relatively easy when you are trying to learn how to pull your own tooth at home for kids, but the calculation is totally different for adults. Baby teeth are not permanent so that you can make silly mistakes with them, but adult ones are solid and permanent.

Therefore, before you try any home remedy to pull your tooth, be careful of the consequences. Some damages can’t be fixed, even by the best dentists!

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