Pregnancy After Tummy Tuck

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Pregnancy After Tummy Tuck

Many patients who have already had one or more pregnancies or have lost weight have abdominal problems. It is not so hard because the skin or tissue stretches at this point.

Abdominal baldness makes it possible to remove the fat apron. This makes the abdominal region appear more rigid and flattering.

But is it possible to get pregnant again after this surgical procedure? Or should the family planning process be over?

Abdominal baldness is a surgery that removes excess skin and residual fat deposits in the abdomen. Also, it tightens the entire abdominal wall, connective tissue, muscles, and skin.

After weight change or pregnancy, abdominal wall surgery fat aprons are removable. Such a heavy drooping stomach. It is essential to release the patient from mental and physical burdens.

Mentally because many women get embarrassed with their “baggy belly.” Also, don’t feel attractive. Physically unpleasant eczema or fungal infections consist of repeated scaling under the folds of skin.

The procedure can also be considered if the patient’s abdominal wall ruptures. Or they have unhealthily cured cesarean section scars. Abdominal baldness does not replace any diet / pure weight loss.

It makes the body more harmonious. In this article, you will learn all about pregnancy after a tummy tuck.

What happens if you get pregnant after a tummy tuck?

Abdominal wall tissue tends to be highly elastic. So, you can still get pregnant after abdominal cramps. However, as a result of the operation, he left again.

The insufficient connective tissue at risk of stretch marks does not improve with abdominal baldness or become more elastic. Therefore, if you want to have more babies, wait until the family planning is over before you have a baby.

Women who have abdominoplasty usually feel better again. As a result, they regained their confidence and felt significantly more attractive. Pregnancy is the culmination of this new feeling.

Suppose it weren’t for the results of the operation and the concerns about the scars. Many patients fear that surgical scars may rupture in the last stages of pregnancy or even during labor. Also, the growing baby again puts stress on the tissues.

Usually, the scar tissue takes some time to heal steadily. Abdominal bald spots take about a year to reach this stage. This usually results in the skin being completely elastic again. Also, the risk of not catching the stain is low.

The duration of the second trimester of pregnancy tends to lengthen after abdominal wall surgery. If a woman becomes pregnant a few weeks to three months after the procedure, arrange for more frequent treatment.

The spots become more visible through pregnancy. This is because the hormones of pregnancy accumulate more pigment in the skin. But there is no reason to worry because it does not mean that the stain will become unstable.

How long should you wait to get pregnant after a tummy tuck?

“Cosmetic” complications cause fear if women become pregnant again after plastic surgery on the abdomen. There is a possibility of tearing the scars in the final stages of pregnancy or during labor. The fear of such a tendency seems mostly unfounded.

Fully elastic and requires a certain amount of time for the scar tissue to heal. This point is reached about a year later.

If there are 12 months between abdominal baldness and the second trimester of pregnancy, the risks seem limited.

Problems occur early in pregnancy, a few weeks to three months after undergoing abdominal plastic surgery. If you have baldness, deal with the consequences of your family planning in advance.

Also, how much the abdominal wall will expand again depends on various factors:

  • Abdominal baldness and how long is the beginning of pregnancy?
  • Tight are the skin, connective tissue, and muscles of the abdominal wall?
  • How significant is the weight gain during pregnancy?
  • How big is the baby?
  • Elastic the skin and connective tissues are by nature. Also, how can a woman take care of herself?

Wearing a bodice or a support belt prevents excessive stretching of the skin and abdominal wall. Experienced gynecologists and midwives advise against it and exercise caution.

Also, the risk of contractions of the growing fetus is very high. In most cases, a bodice is helpful within the first three months.


The spots become more visible. This is because hormonal pigments accumulate in the skin. This does not mean that the scar tissue will expand or become unstable.

The need for a cesarean section is usually not necessarily due to previous abdominal baldness.

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Can your stomach come back after a tummy tuck?

How much the abdomen expands depends on a variety of factors. Let’s see then-

  • The amount of muscle, connective tissue, and skin in the abdominal wall that was tightened during the surgery
  • On the individual elasticity of the patient’s connective tissue
  • From child growth; Depending on the baby’s size and weight from child growth.

If the worst goes to the worst, some aids prevent excessive stretching of the fabric. Such as- a bodice or support belt. But be careful: the baby in the womb is likely to be narrow.

Will I go down a size after a tummy tuck?

Excessive expansion or even rupture of elastic fibers of subcutaneous tissue in the abdominal wall region. Too much skin coat causes too much loosening and wrinkling.

Many women and some men become infected with this “rocking belly.” Want firm skin that matches their silhouette. Abdominal baldness is a perfect way to achieve this.

It is also known as abdominoplasty. A plastic surgeon only does this.

Excess skin and sebaceous tissues of the skin removes. New contours often achieve by implanting the navel when the patient becomes too relaxed.

The lower abdomen muscles often tend to relax and stand individually in the midline, becoming more rigid during the operation. Excess skin and soft tissues usually do not improve with weight loss.

Liposuction is no longer helpful here. Real improvement is possible with the stomach.


I hope you understand how important it is to know everything about pregnancy after a tummy tuck. If there is excess skin in the abdomen, baldness of the stomach occurs.

This is the result of a large weight loss. Patients will already lose several kilograms of weight. The appearance of the abdomen adjusts the arrival of the core with the new weight.

This method does not reduce fat. It is better to lose weight through diet. However, if necessary, you can supplement with liposuction.

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