How to Make a Cancer Man Miss You

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How to Make a Cancer Man Miss You

If you’ve fallen for a cancer man, you will want him to feel the same. You miss him all the time and feel the urge to be in his arms. But does he feel the same for you?

Well, don’t be sad anymore because this article will show you the true path to conquer your man’s heart. But we need to start with baby steps. So if you want to know how to make a cancer man miss you, you have come to the right place!

Don’t worry; we will not suggest you do voodoo or cast any spell on him! It’s just some simple tips and tricks to make him fall head over hills!

How to Make a Cancer Man Miss You – 5 Easy Steps

How to Make a Cancer Man Miss You

How to Make a Cancer Man Miss You

If you want your cancer man to miss you when you are out of his sight, you need to know when to pull him closer and when to let him loose! I know, this may sound like a country song, but that’s the key!

But how do you know when is the right time to all that? Don’t worry; you will get to know everything in the next section! If you want to learn how to make a cancer man miss you, follow the tips I mention below!

Give Him Attention

Maybe you don’t know, but a cancer man love to get attention! So yes, you need to focus on his needs and listen to what he has to say and offer.

Being attentive to his thought is one of the major ways to win his heart. If you listen to him carefully and respond with your valuable opinion, he will surely start to miss your companionship, your thought and expression when you are out of his sight.

Oh let me remind you one thing; don’t look at your phone while conversing with a cancer man! It will surely irritate him, and we don’t want that!

Leave a Sign Behind

Before leaving his place, always try to leave something behind such as a scarf, watch or a pendant. Leave them in his bed, kitchen counter or the washroom.

This sign will remind him of you as cancer men love to reminiscence! Moreover, it can be an amazing excuse to call him anytime!

Do Something Meaningful

A cancer man always looks for a thoughtful partner, and so you need to do something meaningful for him. Instead of buying him a watch or perfume, give him a framed picture of the two of you or make him a handmade candle!

If you don’t want to go through anything extreme, a handwritten card will do the job! Just do something that nobody would ever do or did for him and that one of the most effective ways to woo him!

Wait for his call

If you want your cancer man to miss you, don’t call him first! I know that it’s like the most common trick to know what’s in your partner’s heart. But when it’s about winning a cancer man, this trick works like magic!

Cancer men do love to spend a huge amount of alone time, so you need to give them space. So if he is out of reach for an extended period, don’t get anxious. When his heart aches for you, he will pick up that phone and call you.

But it doesn’t mean that you will not call him at all! Make a phone call after a significant amount of time. If you give him some alone time and take care of him at the same time, he will crave for you!

Remind Him of Memories

As I told you before, a cancer man loves to reminiscence. Therefore, you need to remind him of some sweet memories.

Just casually bring it up while talking or texting and trust me; he will remember those moments when you two are apart!

What does a Cancer man need in a relationship?

How to Make a Cancer Man Miss You

What does a Cancer man need in a relationship

A cancer man is observant, intuitive and serious about his relationship. However, he is quite stubborn and loves to take control of the relationship!

So how do you deal with a cancer man when you have fallen for him? Let me give you all the juicy details in the following section!

Here are the things a cancer man needs from the relationship:

  • A responsible partner
  • A relationship that makes him feel empowered
  • Be the alpha in the relationship.

In short, all they want is a relationship where you two will feel responsible for each other, love with passion and being thoughtful. All you need to do is to show your affection for him, and he will open up to you in no time!

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Why would a cancer Man ignore you?

To be honest, there can be a handful of the reason behind a cancer man ignoring you. Let me give you some pointers to understand this situation and handle it in a better way.

  • If you have hurt his feelings intentionally or unwillingly, they will start ignoring you once they are upset. So make sure that you are keeping his feelings protected to be on the safe side!
  • A cancer man needs space, and you have to acknowledge that! Therefore, if you are up to his nose all the time, he will be annoyed and will start avoiding your existence.
  • Don’t you ever take him for granted or treat him as the second choice! That’s going to make them very angry!
  • If a cancer man is going through a tough time, he will ignore you for a while to solve his issues alone.

So if he is ignoring you, here is how you can make him want you back in his life!

  • Play hard to get, don’t be at a phone call away!
  • Make plans without him and find a subtle way to give him a hint.
  • Give him some space to solve his issues.
  • Take care of him, no matter what. If he shares his problems with you, listen to him and give some thoughtful opinions.

Final Verdict

If you’ve finished reading this article, you might have learned how to make a cancer man miss you! It’s just some simple ways to win his heart and no rocket science.

So if you really into him, you can plan a June wedding by following our tips and thank us later!

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