How Long Does Permanent Hair Colour Last

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How Long Does Permanent Hair Colour Last

Are you thinking to have permanent colour on your hair? Do you think the permanent colour will actually last permanently? Or does it wash out after washing many times?

There are many questions in everyone’s mind about permanent hair colour. So, I have come to you with the answers to all the questions related to permanent hair colour. 

How long does permanent hair colour last? Do you know that? If you don’t. Then you have to read the following writing once.  

One thing that is known to all of us that is-Nothing is permanent in this world.

Is permanent hair colour really permanent?

Normally permanent hair colours mean that -it is the colour which will last permanently. When anyone applies it to his hair, it adds to the natural hair pigment so that the colour he has chosen can totally replace it.

It works by opening the cuticle to let dye into the hair to deposit the permanent colour.

Another same category question is How long does permanent hair dye last?

Permanent hair colour lasts until the hair grows out or it’s recoloured. Hair colour needs to be refreshed when roots start to show.

One thing that everyone should know that is- Permanent hair colour will not go back to normal after permanent dyeing. It will fade down, but ultimately you cannot but let it grow out.

The Semi-permanent will wash out as it’s the deposit and lays on top of the hair cuticle.

How long does it take for permanent hair dye to fade?

How Long Does Permanent Hair Colour Last

It normally takes four to six week.

Generally, the permanent colour will remain on anyone’s hair until his hair grows, exposing the roots.

Usually, it takes almost four to six weeks before anyone needs to go back and get his roots done. The four to the six-week window is also the time when the permanent colour begins to fade. Usually, it happens after around 28 shampoos.

Permanent colour won’t wash out of any hair, but it can be faded and changed the shades over time. The best way to get rid of permanent colour is to cut hair /colour over it.

So,it can be said that there is no specific answer to ‘ How long does permanent hair colour last?’

Most of you wanted to know Why did your permanent hair dye washout? You all must think before why does my hair colour wash out so fast?

Actually, Hair dye washes out when colour molecules don’t fully penetrate the hair’s cortex.

Or it happens when the colour molecules are too small to stay inside the hair’s cortex. Basically, it allows water to rinse the colour out of hair.

Another question is, Why is my hair colour fading so fast? Red hair colours fade the fastest as crimson pigment molecules are larger than browns and blacks, which are the most unstable.

The more anyone washes his hair, the faster his colour will fade. Using Shampoo causes the hair strands to swell for that the colour washes out little by little.

Here I included the best hair dye remover for all of you if you want to remove hair colour, you can use this product.

The best hair colour removers and collectors are:

  • Color Oops Extra Conditioning Hair Color Remover.
  • One ‘n Only Colorfix Hair Color Remover.
  • Joico Color Intensity Eraser.
  • Framar Kolor Killer Wipes.
  • Sephora Collection Heat Activated Color Fader.

Does permanent hair dye washout?

As I mentioned before, by using shampoo and water conditions regularly, you can remove hair dye effectively for sure. Temporary hair colour lasts for almost1 to 2 washes. But, Permanent colour won’t wash out of your hair, but it can be faded.

The best way for all of you to get rid of permanent colour is to cut hair or colour over it, and you know that.

“Most colour, even the permanent dyes will fade, and after a few days, I told you before. “So, before anyone starts stripping and damaging his hair, he should give it a few days.

Anyone can style it away from his face if he really scared. I suggest one thing- “Give yourself some time to get used to it.

How long does store-bought hair dye last?

It lasts for 6-8 weeks. It depends on the type of dye which is used and also your hair’s condition and colour that you used.

 A semi-permanent hair dye may last anywhere from 6-8 weeks. or It lasting period can be said depending on washing. That is average 28 washes.

So, you can understand a store-bought hair dye will last 6-8weeks or depending on your hair washes which are 28.    

A question’ answer is also given to you that you may want to way. That is-How long does dye last after mixing it? The answer is-

Once someone has mixed the dye, it lasts till 30 minutes. It means from the time that he finishes preparing the dye as well as peroxide mixing until you finish applying it to his hair, he will have 30 minutes.

Will my hair go back to normal after permanent dye?

Unfortunately, Permanent hair colour will not, it will fade down, but ultimately you cannot but have to let it grow out.

But it is different at the time of Semi-permanent. It will wash out as it is the deposit only and lays on top of the hair.

So, you have known that unfortunately, you won’t be able to get back your natural hair colour after applying permanent hair colour on your hair. But here is given you some tips about getting back the natural colour. I hope it will work.    

How to Get Your Hair Back Natural Color After Bleaching:

  • Let it Grow Out
  • Get Balayage Highlights
  • Use High-Quality Products
  • Use Root Concealers for Special Occasions
  • Rock Grown Out Roots as It’s a Trend!
  • Get Regular Trims
  • Re-Dye
  • Get a Haircut

You can do these things to get back your natural hair colour.

Hopefully, I think you all have got the Information of  ‘How long does permanent hair colour last’.

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